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Artificial Grass Installation
Measure the area you want to cover (in meters) making sure you add 10cm of length for trimming. Our Artificial Grass is supplied in 2 & 4 meter widths and cut to any length requested.
Prepare Base as Instructed
Any existing turf, gravel or soil is to be removed.
Level out your entire surface making sure it is compact until very firm.
Apply a minimum of 5cm of good quality hardcore and compact well making sure there are no hollow or lose areas. Add 2.5cm of sharp sand all over making sure your whole surface is firm, level & compact.
Important- Poorly drained soil will require a greater depth of hardcore.
Where there is a chance of weeds we recommend the use of our professional weed barrier membrane.
place your artificial grass carefully over the area making sure you have equal overlaps all around for trimming. Smooth out all creases. Wear strong gloves for safety. Trim the grass to size using a stanley knife; always remember to cut from the underneath of the grass reducing the size until it fits perfectly. Important- Remember to cut gradually as extra can always be taken off but can’t be added back on if too much is taken off! So take your time!
optional securing of the grass is done by applying 50x50mm timber pegs into the base at about 2m intervals around edges, ensuring the pegs are level with the top of the sand. Secure grass to pegs with galvanised screws.
You can also use joint tape & adhesive for widths greater than 4m (Ensure pile is running in same direction). Your tape must be rolled out central to the joint so both sides are equal. Adhesive is then applied down the tape spreading out with a small trowel to ensure even coverage. Drop the grass back into position ensuring the edges butt up neatly. NB: Adhesive doesn’t work well below 5 Degrees Centigrade.
When your artificial grass has been fitted brush the pile to the correct length using a stiff brush. For sand fitted grass add the correct amount of sand spreading evenly and brush into the pile, this helps to keep it weighted down and the pile to remain upright.
The only maintenance required is occasional brushing to keep your grass neat and tidy.
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