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Mushroom Compost

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Mushroom Compost
A traditional spent compost with added fibre which can be used as a moisture retaining garden mulch. Not recommended for lime hating plants.

Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost will help make your gardening easier, rejuvenate your soil bed and will help fertilise your plants when they grow.

It is best used on an annual basis for mulching and digging in, in the spring before planting so that your growing plants can make the most of it.

As Mushroom Compost is slightly alkaline it is best used for non-acidic plants but is very useful for most vegetables which like a richer soil and fruit plants and trees which are hungry feeders.

Qualities of Mushroom Compost:

  • Low in soluble nitrogen
  • Little risk of plant burn
  • High levels of phosphate, potassium, calcium & magnesium
  • Low salt content compared to other composts
  • Element composition includes, copper, zinc manganese, iron and boron

How does mulching help your existing soil?

  • Good for fertilisation
  • Adds nutrients to existing soil
  • Improves soil structure
  • Makes food easier for plants to use
  • Retains moisture
  • Reduction in weeds that grow



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Customer reviews
Could not fault this company - great customer service and compost just as expected. My plants will be the best in the street this year. Thank you lovely people!
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